Who is Colloquially Speaking?

Whenever the question of who I am comes up, I start analyzing myself to a scary extreme. I guess that sort of sums me up right there. I am an analytical woman who tries to live in the real world and not get caught up in her musings. This here is an outlet, of sorts, something to use as a medium for my madness. I have some unique life experiences worth sharing, and I will attempt to base my theories on them alone. I do not wish to judge nor preach and will try to refrain from sounding like an ultracrepidarian. The one thing that is important for any readers to know is that I am an Orthodox Jewess who came about her religious affiliations through no small feat. I was born into this religion and an attempt was made to keep me in it. I resisted and explored, and ultimately came to the conclusion that I was right to leave the world I had known and so was able to come back to it happily. It is not something I need to be understood, just accepted as the fact that it is. I am proud of who I am and hope I can share something in this process that might benefit others.



  1. Hi CS,
    So glad to have found your blog. You write very well and have some pretty deep insights. Will peruse more later. Just wanted to say Hi and that I’m excited cuz I don’t see too many blogs of married women writers (guess, we’re too busy…)

  2. Hey there,

    Is there a way to contact you? If there is, can you post it? Alternatively, can you email me, at littlesheffele@gmail.com?

    Little Sheep

  3. “I am an analytical woman who tries to live in the real world and not get caught up in her musings” Haha. You sound a lot like me. I wish I could follow you on here through Tumblr.

  4. I came across this blog last night, and have read through everything you’ve posted.

    I am in awe of the person you are. Your children are so lucky to have a mother as awe inspiring as you.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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