Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | May 23, 2013


I have an observation.

Did anyone else notice that in the recent terrorist attack in London the only bystanders who took some sort of initiative to stop the attackers and protect the victim’s body were women?



  1. They didn’t actually try stopping the attackers. After the fact they went over to them and tried having dialog. It had nothing to do with bravery but that the British are fools and try deluding themselves that Muslims are human. Even though they just witnessed the murder they still thought they can reason with the men.

    • Ok – this bothered me a bit…
      I didn’t need a discussion about terrorism perpetuated by Muslims, just wanted to point out something I found interesting…but I need to address your comment “that the British are fools and try deluding themselves that Muslims are human”.
      What a hugely offensive statement in so many ways!

      • According to one eyewitness, whose Mother said she wanted to help the victim, was apparently told by the terrorist that no men were allowed near the body to help him! As heard on a British news channel.

      • Take offense if you’d like, but you’re deluding yourself. Muslims are subhuman. Europeans have deluded themselves for years into thinking that Muslims are regular people. They aren’t. They breed like rabbits and live to die and kill others. The delusional attitude simply leads to such attacks, similar to Boston attack where the attackers were known beforehand but PC attitudes did not allow for the issue to be dealt with.

      • Tovah, one of the moms went over to the guy and asked for his knife. These stupid Brits think they can reason with subhumans. You can’t. They only understand one language; force.

  2. Have you ever heard of the WWYD scenarios? I’ve been watching them on youtube and in most cases of someone being bullied or abused, it was the women who came to help. I guess seeing someone needing help awakens the “tiger mom” instinct.

    • I think that might be true. Women tend to react instinctively, while men seem to have that moment of logic first. It works in both genders’ favor in different scenarios. I do tell my children that if they are ever in trouble and I’m not there, they should look for a mom with kids. Not a foolproof plan, but a mother’s instinct will kick in and I put a bit of trust in that. I know between me any my husband, I’m quick to have empathy while he’s cautious and first wants to make sure what he’s seeing is reality. Pros and cons to both…so it’s good we’re usually together. šŸ™‚

  3. I don’t feel like getting into this discussion Druid, but my dear, dear friend and mentor Tovah, who you replied to with the addition of ‘stupid Brits’, is actually British. She is far from stupid and has lived in places where she has had to deal with terrorism first-hand. Please, let’s not make broad statements…I might even agree with some of what you say. I do live in Israel, you know, and am not left wing. However, there is a way to make a statement without offending entire cultures. Tact, please. All you had to do was say the same thing without some of the words. I would have heard you clearly.

    • As the famous joke goes: George Bush was in England and asked Tony Blair if he could tell him a joke about the English. Blair responded “How could you, I am English?” Bush responded, “Dont worry, Il say it slowly.”

      Re Muslims, offending them isnt something I lose much sleep over.

  4. Druid, thank you for your comment. I believe that people who are not familiar with the muslim culture can act unwisely. It’s sometimes very hard for people to grasp the brutality of a Muslim with a cause. After all we tend to judge other people according to our own standards.
    As my friend, the writer of this blog pointed out, I’ve seen it ALL first hand for many years and going up to the perpetrator to talk to him is NOT something that I would do, even tho’ I am British LOL. I love it when discussions come up like this on a blog. It usually means that the writer has done a good job to stir up an emotion in others.
    Shabbat Shalom everyone.

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