Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | August 3, 2011

Relatively Relevant Relations

I always say I don’t have family in Israel.  That’s not entirely true.  I have two brothers, two sisters-in-law, three nephews and one niece.  It’s a nice amount of family but…they’re my brothers.  And they have their wives families here.  Basically, what happened to them was that they got married and got hitched to proper families here.  Two parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, younger in-law siblings…the works.  It doesn’t seem to matter that they retained our last name – they fully integrated into their new families in everything but the name.  That pretty much put them in a weird position with me, we’re family but rarely family-like.  We spend a very minimal amount of time with them and only hear from them when we initiate it.  Nothing to do about it, it is what it is.

My husband has a couple of second cousins here, older than us and very Israeli.  We love them but…it’s not the same.

So…..all that was to build up telling you that……The Relatives Are Coming!  Real, loving, wanting-to-see-us relatives!!!  To be more specific: my parents, two youngest sisters, my husband’s brother (who, incidentally, has NEVER been here), his wife and their baby boy!!!  And all of them are coming for the ENTIRE month!

If you’ve never lived without family in your life, here’s what you should appreciate:

Visiting grandparents and the perks that come with that.

Having cousins to fight with and then play with the next time you see them.

Not having to tell your personal history to at least one person every day. (Know what I mean fellow Aliyah people?)

Knowing how people are without having to guess tones of voices and ask questions people don’t want to answer because you can’t see them.

People who love your children because they’re your children and not because you pay them to love them.

Not having to be on your best behavior because you’re surrounded by people who have already seen your worst.

Non-European hugs and kisses and no awkward ‘how do I say goodbye?’ moments.

And of course, unsolicited advice from people you will make it your business not to listen to.

So there you have it.  I get to have that for the next month.

Then they’ll all be gone.

And I’ll get back to the life I chose because it suits me just right. 🙂


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