Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | May 31, 2011

And The Results Are In…

I’m not big on going to doctors.  I believe in conventional medicine and I’m all for antibiotics and the like, but the doctor visits themselves seem to take a backseat in my mind.  I rarely get sick and if I do come down with something, I muddle through it to the best of my ability and move on.

I know, I know.  It’s stupid.  But I was raised by the strongest woman to ever exist.  She’s a powerhouse.  The only thing that ever stopped her was a slipped disc, and even then she would lie on the floor and direct armies.

Recently, my mother has been hit with aches and pains that have plagued her day and night, causing her to put everything aside and try to find the source.  It’s been a struggle for me to see her, well, hear her, like this.  I never knew her to be so weak.  As in most situations that arise between myself and my mother, I got something valuable out of her experiences.

She’s teaching me to embrace my weaknesses and get help.

Sounds simple, if you’re not like me.

I’m the worst ever at acknowledging how flawed I am.  I can’t stand self-explorations that lead to ugly character traits and painful acceptances.  It’s just so tiresome and so difficult.  It takes away my energy and creates a big, black aura around everything I touch.

When it comes to my physical health, I get fanatic about my disinterest in dealing with it.  I don’t take care of small illnesses, push off going to the doctor until the symptoms disappear and have no medicine discipline.  When I had a gallstones attack and was rolling around the floor in pain, I practically killed my husband for daring to suggest an ambulance.  I won’t go to the hospital unless I’m no longer conscious to protest.

When I started getting chronic headaches a few months back, I wrote it off as stress.    Then I started paying attention to the way my mother spoke and what was consuming her life.

Well, not wanting to end up with my mother and her repressed pains, I took my husband’s advice he gave like a command and went to the doctor.

I have Mono.

Did I not tell you how tiresome it is?



  1. Shit. mono sucks. But at least it goes away. Who did you kiss??????

    Cool, now i have a sick buddy. We can commisserate together.

  2. Oh wow…mono…

    I’m like you when it comes to doctors, but maybe I should rethink that.

    Refuah Shelaima!

  3. Man, I just got over it for the second time and now my Dad has it! It does stink..the only positive thing is that you have a valid excuse to sleep. Not that it excuses you from work.

  4. Oh wow…I’m sorry.
    I hope that you take it easy now that you know.
    Refuah Shleima!

  5. Thanks all – hope to recover shortly, although with moving in two weeks, husband changing careers, family coming in, not to mention two active kids…we’ll see…

  6. Oh, the usual.

  7. I’m totally not into western medicine at all, so if I go to a doctor it’s a HUGE deal. I ended up going because I have chronic (as in for years) stomach pain that had suddenly become unbearable. they tested me for a few things, and come to find out I was on the tail end of a case of Mono – unrelated to the stomach problems. Huh, I thought, so that’s why I have that fiery awful sore throat, excruciating head and body aches for the last 6 weeks! I just kept downing motrin and drinking chamomile tea. whatever. they never did help me with my stomach pain. I haven’t been back since.

    • ever get an ultrasound for gallstones? i had chronic stomach issues since i was 15 – they ruled out everything else and said it was probably an ulcer due to some things i was taking a bit, ahem, excessively, but then when it got unbearable, they found gallstones. mind you, this was at 23. after they took out my gallbladder, i suddenly found myself without an ulcer 🙂

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