Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | March 17, 2011

Pre-Purim Ponderings

Post Purim Ponderings.

It’s been a year since I thought about the ramifications of the Purim story.

I don’t usually think about things from year to year, but this particular topic bothers me so much that I find myself obsessing over the details, trying to imagine the extent of Esther’s suffering.

I can’t fathom it, not last year and not this, but I do see how another year has made me even more sensitive to her plight.

Last year I was upset at the frivolities of women, young girls in particular, on Purim.  This year I’m more sophisticated and have placed my frustration on the little boys who cannot know what was done for them.

Boys should be idolizing Esther.

Sure, Mordechai was a great man and did the nation good, but the extent of his sacrifice was risking Haman’s wrath by his defiance.  The thing is, he was willing to die for that.  He was aware of the fact that this was one of the three things Jews MUST be prepared to die for.  Esther had to do the very thing she was always told she should die for, AND risk dying because of it, although she probably would have preferred death to the alternative.

So I’m thinking of all the little boys who will be dressed up as Mordechai, and how they will nonchalantly, in a candy-induced haze, saunter up to the little heroines dressed as Esther, and pull their hair or steal their crowns.  How I will be vexed at the audacity of it all!

(This is all coming from the scene that I witnessed when I picked up my sweet little Queen Esther from gan and watched her push her way through a group of Mordechais who promptly broke her crown.)

Men will be singing “Baruch Mordechai” drunkenly and completely off-key.  I will be grimacing at their lack of acknowledgment for the Queen of all sufferings who gave up her life while she was still living.

And of course, I will be mending my crown.


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