Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | March 1, 2011

A Prayer

Dear Father,

I don’t know if this is counted, I’m not quite sure how You accept letters.

I have a problem expressing myself verbally.  No matter how hard I try, the words get stuck in my throat and push their way towards my fingertips.

I long to speak to You, to be communicative, but I can’t use the voice You gave me.

So, for now, I turn my thoughts to You the only way I know how.

Please, please hear me out.

They say You only give challenges to those who have the strength to deal with them.

I have been strong.  I have been very, very strong while You hit me with one after the other for years on end.  I persevered, I overcame and I stood tall.

But this, this challenge, I cannot handle.  I don’t think you would give it to me for no reason, so I am turning to You with this plea.

I know You want me to strive to be closer to You.  I know that is the purpose of life itself.  Here I am, as close as I can get, begging You to stop.  I cannot take this one.  Take it back; You know it’s not for me.  I acknowledge who it’s from, and I do not question Your motives.  But please, please make it better.

I want to do Your will.  I know what You expect of me.

My role as a woman is to be at home, with my children, teaching them of Your wonder.

My role as a woman is to create a warm, loving environment for my husband to come home to.

My role as a woman is to serve You by taking care of the gifts You gave to me.

Help me do what I so want to do!

Help me fulfill my duties!

It’s hard enough to work on patience, love and acceptance.

It is not my task to suffer as I do.

Make it stop.

For Your love of me and mine, make it stop.





  1. I really hope He answers your sincere prayers and that everything works out well.

    Thinking of you….

  2. (hug)
    I hope things get better really soon.

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