Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | November 15, 2010

Park Ponderings

I had an interesting conversation in the park today.

We were talking about systems, schooling and the rest of the usual stuff.  One thing led to another and we got to Navi.

I love learning Navi.  I really relate to the struggles and the utter chaos that reigned during the times of the prophets.  I feel that it makes them seem more human, more understandable.  The woman I was chatting with felt otherwise.  She said that it’s hard for her to understand how the people in those times committed terrible acts of violence and lewdness.  She kept saying something along the lines of, “I can understand how, in these times, people can stoop so low, what with all the outside influences….but then, without any Goyim around?”

I was a little taken aback by her insistence that evil is from the non-Jews, and that the reason the things that happened then are so much worse than what happens now is because you can’t blame it on the internet.

Now, before everyone gets all uptight about what she said, you should know that this woman is NOT a stupid woman, nor is she clueless.  Her husband works in the yeshiva my husband went to and they dealt with many an overdose in the past ten years.

However, she received a Bais Yaakov education.  A Bais Yaakov, Brooklyn, education.

My response to her was to explain how the very nature of a human is what leads to evil.  Our desires, if not kept in check, can lead us out of control.  Humans without boundaries can become evil without any ‘goyish’ influences around.  It’s like the people who insist that Hitler was a sheid.  They can’t admit the potential for evil exists within us all…

Any thoughts?



  1. Hmm…Bais Yaakov, Brooklyn… Is that what you think it is?
    I don’t know… I went to a Bais Yaakov in Brooklyn, and I can definitely see your point. But when you add maturity and life experience to that…especially the life experience…I think it outweighs the BY education.
    So if she was 20, the BY education would explain it. But if she’s older than that, there would have to be something else to blame.

  2. there is something else to blame, namely the society she subscribes to…it basically just reinforces the attitude she was taught to have.
    also, there’s a lot of backwards thinking going on in the chareidi world here in israel. a lot of us versus them, all or nothing…very VERY rigid lines…

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