Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | November 10, 2010

Hey You…

You called me when I had a baby and said the obligatory words.  I waited to hear something else, some indication that you wanted to move forward, but all that echoed across the lines was your perceived notion of what is expected of you.

So I didn’t respond to you.  You must be fuming.  Knowing you, you probably used my response, or lack thereof, as new grounds for hatred.

Yes you, I’m talking to you.

It must be infuriating when you try to take something and hide it under the rug, only to find that I keep pulling it out.

There’s a reason I keep holding onto it, there’s a reason why I will not relinquish my grip on this.

The pain, the hurt, the misunderstanding…it belongs to me as well.

Hey, we got into this together; let’s get out together.


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