Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | August 25, 2010

My Own Blog is Filtered?

I can’t get into my previous post to edit it.

I published it and then realized that an entire paragraph somehow got deleted…but the Internet filter on the network won’t let me into my own blog………

I had to post the entire thing again and add the bit that was missing – but tell me, what was so wrong about what I wrote?

I have never censored myself before nor been censored by others.  Sure, I say things that I might later regret or open my mouth and listen to words I didn’t think were in my brain beforehand come out, but this is too much.

Then again, maybe I should learn something from this.

Maybe not everything is mine to say.

Something to think about, I guess.



  1. I didn’t see a difference between the two posts…

    But if it went through the second time, then it probably was a technical error, not blog censorship. I’m sure wordpress has seen a lot worse than what you wrote!

    • it’s not wordpress – there’s something called Internet Rimon here that filters the actual network so that there’s no way around it – been hard to research pregnancy related things but i didnt’ think writing about love was on the black list…:)

  2. I can’t imagine it’s your content (although, I will admit, I only just found your blog so I have only skimmed it thus far). I would think it would be more of a keyword issue, no?

  3. i don’t know – i’ll experiment with different words…seems odd though, the post was about love, is that a bad word?

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