Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | August 2, 2010

Summertime And The Living Is Easy

I love the idea of summer.

Frolicking on the beach, feeling the sand beneath my feet and the wind in my hair as the waves gently lick the shore…..

Sipping sweet cocktails with hints of pineapple and a cute little umbrella tucked behind my ear….

Golden skin bathed in sunlight…

Strolling down the boardwalk arm in arm with my husband in the cool nighttime breeze…

Children’s laughter filling the streets as they gayly skip to the beat of their freedom…

What a wonderful life….if only…

…I didn’t hate the feeling of sand between my toes or the sensation that little tiny particles found their way into every orifice of my body.

…I didn’t have hair that tends to separate into thousands of strands blowing in different directions at one time.

…the waves weren’t so damn aggressive and full of sea salt that burns my eyes.

…I didn’t have a tongue that starts splitting at the taste of citrus fruits and vodka didn’t make my stomach turn.

…those cute little umbrellas weren’t really sharp toothpicks with crappy papers attached to them.

…my red, burnt skin didn’t need aloe vera baths.

…babysitters weren’t so damn expensive and nighttime so damn tiring.

…I didn’t have to listen to the sounds of children whining and mothers screaming as freedom slowly chokes the life out of the most loving of families.

So I sit in my stifling apartment and dream.  Occasionally, I step outside and walk a few feet before my lungs fail me and I go waddling back to my sweet summer existence of sweat.




  1. alot like love..
    some people love the idea of love..
    but not the nitty gritty details that come along with it
    and..make it work..

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