Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | July 18, 2010

Jewish Geography and Blogging?

I hate Jewish Geography.  I am not a very good player.  Frankly, I suck.  I am supposed to know many people, being that I have lived in a lot of places and have a name (thankfully, maiden name) that is known to others.  I’m supposed to be able to connect the dots and be ever so friendly to people who know my aunt’s sister-in-law’s cousin and feel an instant kinship with a girl who worked in a bungalow colony with a girl who was in the class that I should have graduated with, had circumstances been different.

The trouble is, besides for having a genetic predisposition to anti-socialism, (not the politics, just the social part – I love socialized medicine), I do not posses the part of the brain that remembers people by their faces or names.  My husband and I can be walking down the street and he will point out a man he was in kindergarten with and hasn’t seen since.  I will wonder why there’s a woman staring at me on the bus until my husband gently explains that she’s wondering why I walked right past her after having dinner with her last week at a mutual friend’s house and discussing some serious and personal things.

The question I have now though, is how the hell do all these Jews find each other on the Internet?

I once had a different blog.  It was a diary with no lock and key.  I loved the idea that people might encounter my private thoughts by chance.  I wrote for a while, documented things in my day, ranting about people and expressing the workings of my heart.  It was a nice way of practicing opening up, without the risks of real hurt.  I don’t think anyone ever saw it.  I didn’t identify myself as anything, and I didn’t tag or categorize my posts.  When I got married and let my husband in on all my deep, dark secrets, I no longer felt the need to blog, or keep a diary of any sort.  So I deleted my blog and moved on.

Now, I blog because I want to actually blog.  I enjoy writing, and now that I’m past the secrets and lies in my life, I want people to read what I write.  I read a few interesting blogs I found by chance, commented on a few things, and then found myself slowly worming my way into this huge Jewish world within the World Wide Web.  I am totally bewildered by this.  Where did you all find each other?  And how did you find me?



  1. Someone once posted your blog on their Facebook page, went to check it out, and really enjoyed reading it, I find it inspirational, and written very well. All I can say is thank you. By the way how is your daughter?

    Regards to the husband!

  2. He He! My blogging journey is a little different. Came upon JA(C)P’s blog by chance. Got curious about the commenters and clicked on their profiles, read their blogs ect. A full year later started blogging myself… I clicked on your profile too…

    Have I answered your question?

  3. All it takes is one comment left on a blog to lead me or anyone to one another. I found you through a comment you left somewhere. Not sure where anymore.

  4. Mine is similar to Brochi’s, but I think I stumbled onto badforshidduchim. I also started clicking the commenters. I lasted almost a year and a half before I started my own blog.

  5. Same here. I came across one blog, then clicked on the commenters. Took me more than 3 years before I started blogging.
    I think I found yours because of a comment you left on mine.

  6. i realize that comments lead to more people being exposed to my blog, and for sure facebook posts, especially because they’re posted so that my ‘friends’ can read them (are facebook friends real friends? i don’t know who you are PM, but it could be we are:)) but what makes me think is the fact that i have commented on non-Jewish blogs, yet somehow never get any traffic from that…
    so the pull to read other jewish blogs is the fact that they’re jewish, not the content or quality. but that’s what today was all about, i suppose. we should be doing that – interested in other jews and other jewish things…it’ll make us stronger as a nation.
    thanks for all the comments – it’s nice to see who some of you are.

  7. btw – that is NOT to say that i don’t enjoy the quality of your blogs…:)

  8. I found your blog because you commented on mine.
    Not sure who everyone else is, but I do enjoy the quality of writing that I can’t seem to find much of in the “real world”
    And I truly have no interest in non-jewish blogs, so wouldn’t know about them not commenting on mine.

  9. my husband got a kick out of the fact that people felt that i was asking them how they got to me…i guess he knows me best, and can tell when the questions i ask are rhetoric or not:) but it’s nice to know that i can ask for opinions on my blog and get responses!!!

  10. see above..

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