Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | May 20, 2010

A Family of Friends

I’m not a big family person.

I love my immediate family very much, although I can go months and even years without speaking to some of them.  It’s not a personal issue, or choice, it’s just that not all of us are close on a verbal level.  I don’t see it as a problem, especially because there is so much respect flowing between all of us.  We just don’t have an intense need to touch base and communicate all the time.

My husband is from a family that begs to differ.  They believe that family needs to be a complete and total part of each other’s lives.  My husband, however, has always been a very private person and has a hard time relinquishing his right to enjoy daily life with his own personal little family.  Without going into details, I can just say it causes a bit of conflict.  Most of the time, the assumption is that since I don’t care about these things, it must be my fault.  Ok, I can take it.  I really don’t care.

I do care very deeply about a different sort of familial group in my life.

Over the past eight years, I’ve developed close relationships with an assortment of people I call friends.  In those same eight years, I have gone through trials and tribulations of all kinds.  My friends stood by me through them all.

Now, I am going through a different trial.  This is the first time that I actually need all the help I can get, as my situation is very limiting physically.  Having no expectations from family, I was not surprised that there was no one capable of stepping up to the plate and pitching in.  I was also not surprised to see who did come forward to help.  After all, they’re my friends.

I don’t know what the definition of family truly is, but if it has anything to do with “through thick and thin”, I know who my family is.

Thank you to my family of friends.


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