Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | April 6, 2010

Are We Free Yet?

The time for freedom is over.

I look at myself and wonder, am I free yet?

I do not feel liberated, nor do I see salvation approaching.

I am chained by my insecurities.

I am bound by my uncertainties.

I am enslaved by my desires.

I am tormented by my failings.

I am not free.

I do not relate to the story of my forefathers.  I cannot connect those dots that bring me closer to my roots.  I still have  an unanswered question that plagues me.

I do not have doubts.  I believe in my religion and embrace it fully.  My question is personal, and does not involve philosophical debates.  My question is mine, and mine alone.

Why am I me?

I believe that only when I can look in the mirror and give myself an answer that resonates within me as truth, will I be free.

Perhaps, I am almost free.


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