Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | February 28, 2010

Post Purim Ponderings

It’s ten o’clock and the day is done.

My husband is passed out, my daughter is asleep in candy land, and I am depressed.

It was a long day.

I cried during Megillah reading, thinking of all the young, innocent girls taken to be raped by an ugly, brutal man and then sent to live in a harem for life.  I thought of a woman who sacrificed everything to attempt to save her people, not knowing if she would even be successful.  I imagined her joy at the moment of salvation, and then wondered what happened next.  Did she realize the salvation was not to be for her?  Did that take away from her joy?  Did she resent all the celebrations happening around her, while she remained in her prison for life?

I resolved to honor this woman, yet I did not know how.

And then I looked around and I saw the saddest sight.  Women, young girls, innocent and pure, dressing ‘up’ by dressing ‘down’.  How can you rationalize wearing something that makes you look like the women who voluntarily apply for harem-like positions?  On this day, this day of joy and celebration, remember how it came about!  Remember the woman who refused to be made up, who cried as she was led to be acquired by a man she despised!  Remember her and honor her!  Honor the one who was hidden, who was modest, who was beautiful and who gave herself up to save us all! 

I’m crying as I think of all the young girls, sitting on the street corners and in alleyways with their cute costumes and their bottles of wine.  I shudder when I think of how the night will end for some of them.  This is not what Purim is.  This is not what should be.

We need to be saved again, although this time, if it’s hidden, I’m afraid we won’t see it.



  1. wow. i know it’s not purim now, but i never thought about purim that way.
    so, so beautiful….

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