Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | December 22, 2009

With Full Sight

We got contacts.

My husband is a first-timer.  He’s going crazy.  I don’t want to even go there about that.

I’ve had them before, although I hadn’t worn any for over two years.

I thought I would be fine.  What’s the big deal?  It wouldn’t be much of an adjustment. I’ve done it once, I can do it again.


It’s as if I got new eyes.  With bigger and better vision.  Only, I don’t think I want to see every detail of my mother’s carpet.  Or every dot on the kitchen wallpaper.  I don’t want to see the bridge of my nose either.

Life was good when seen through black boxes.  It was direct.  I knew where to look.  I couldn’t be distracted by things off to the side.  And nothing in the middle was getting in the way.

I miss my simple, glasses life.

Thank G-d I can choose what to wear.



  1. I like that perspective. I used to have contacts too, and I agree that it’s sometimes fun to not have 20/20 vision. Also, I hated reading, because I’m farsighted (or is it nearsighted?) so I only needed them for distance. Plus sleeping and dry eyes is a pain… But hell, contacts are sex-ay.

  2. yup – contacts do have their aesthetic plus, but nothing beats peering over the tops of glasses in pure disgust….ahh the joy of facial expressions with props!

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