Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | December 7, 2009

Getting There

I feel like I am always ‘getting there’.  I don’t know where ‘there’ is, but it seems to be a better place than here.

Sometimes, without my permission, my mind goes off on a wonderous adventure ‘there’ while I lag behind in here-land, feeling stifled.

I guess it all boils down to my lack of faith in my G-d, my self, and my potential.

Yes, I said the P word.  I used to think it a bad word, a scary word and a pressured word.  Now I see it as a word I can live up to if I only try.

That’s the problem with my ‘getting there’ issue.

When I say ‘I’m getting there’, it means I’m not trying.  Theres nowhere to get when I’m trying.  Living up to my potential means living in the moment and savoring the journey.  Compromising my potential means thinking I have to go somewhere to get it.

I’ve journeyed enough chasing that illusive falsehood.  Now.  Now I am here.  Here is ‘there’.  It’s up to me to make that a reality.

I’m getting here.


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