Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | November 9, 2009

Following the Tide

Outer appearance versus inner selves…who are we kidding these days?  We detour around who we really are and never show what’s within.  People tend to drift together in sticky clumps of uncertainty ridiculing those who just try to be.  We’re all posers.  We all succumb to peer pressure caused by brainwashing ads.

Why?  Why do we have to be defined by others?  Why do we have to try to look in the mirror and see someone else?  Why do we cover up our essence and create personalities that suit the situation?  Are we all that dumb?

The answer lies deep within, where the real me and the real you lies trembling in fear.  We’re pack animals.  We need to belong.  And the largest group is the one called ‘fashion’.  So we build a wall of clothes, music, movies and magazines around our true selves and guard it with care.  We refuse to let out true personalities leak out.  Nothing penetrates that thick wall of shame and we suffer in silence and think we’re alone.  We think, follow the tide, no matter where it takes you, and you will not have to face the tsunami alone.

How sad.  How can we grow and better ourselves for the sake of the next generation if we never leave our self-made prison?

If we can open the walls just enough so that we can see inside, maybe we will be one step closer to saving humanity.

Plastic surgery just might be an easier option.



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